Isabella Chydenius: LOCK IN  

– an online / global / VR performance piece
Creat Space

Lock In is a cross-disciplinary art piece by Finnish painter and installation artist Isabella Chydenius (b. 1988).

It will be live-streamed 24/7 on the screen above for the duration of the week long performance, so welcome world, come watch me create, exist and transform.

This piece supports change and explores the challenges of transformation and moving forward in life. It hopes to inspire and encourage accepting change in our lives and the world for a united and peaceful future.

It is the first one of its kind where painting, performance and virtual reality are combined and exhibited online globally.

The piece focuses on the artist living and working inside the gallery space for the duration of a week. Chydenius will be sleeping, working and existing in the gallery space. The two main themes of the piece are transformation and intuitive practice.

The piece starts at midnight on Saturday night 3rd of December 2016, when Chydenius steps into the gallery space to sleep. She will be there until 12pm on Sunday morning 11th of December 2016 when the gallery is open for the public to visit and explore until 8pm. During the opening reception, visitors can experience the space she’s created in reality.

From the first day, everything starts off as a white barren space. The gallery space will be covered in white primed canvas from ceiling to floor and the floor will too be part of the installation.

In the middle of the room, there will be a bed with white sheets and covers. Every day the artist will be wearing different white clothes on which the number of each day will be painted; “Day 1”, “Day 2” etc.

All components in the space will be part of the installation investigating the effects of producing in a confined environment free from consumerist driven society.

Chydenius and her creative practice attempts to detach from the macrocosm environment in which we are all subjected in urban communities and explore her own nature and what really happens when one is bored alone without the influences of social media and never-ending online activities.

During the week, the space will change, both visually and emotionally. The change will be made easy to follow online on the stream window above.

This is an intense live performance piece that will challenge the artist both artistically and personally. During the week, the space will be transformed into a visual metaphor of the artist’s mind.

Chydenius feels comfortable sharing the challenges and processes of artistic and personal development with the public and strives to open up a public dialogue regarding creative processes and the environments in which we expose ourselves to.

Feel free to peep through the window: Creat Space, Albertinkatu 12, Helsinki.