Ciro Marra – why do you create art?

Greetings from Barcelona: we sent Ciro Marra six naive questions and he gave us six profound answers.

Creat, Tallinn Bearty & Fat Lizard present:
Ciro Marra: Erotica
June 27 – July 3 2022
Paja&Bureau, Helsinki

Show must go on! Creat is back in exhibition business after a looong hiatus. Our friends at Tallinn Bearty gave us a chance to present some bear art, so we put together two shows – super fast as always, but that’s our thing.

The first one, a selection of Alexander Prestia’s and Glenn Quigley’s works, is already on display at Kallio library. (Here’s the Facebook event.). Go enjoy, free admission.

The second one will be opened at our homebase Paja&Bureau on June 27th. Call it pop-up or whatever but Ciro Marra’s exhibition Erotica will be here for a week and that’s it. So, be quick or miss it. We’ll get quick to the point too: let us introduce the artist by asking him six naive but profound questions.

Who are you?
”I’m Ciro Marra (Italian). I live in Barcelona, ​​I love to call myself creative, almost a ’storyteller’ of images.”

What do you create?
”I create stories, feelings, emotions through lines, shapes and colors, thanks to my hands but above all to my soul.”

How do you create?
”In total silence, in the dark because I can see colors better. A little out of the box and the standard rules of drawing and painting. I create by giving a new or different life to the materials I use.”

”I create because I need to live!”

Where do you create?
”Mainly in my mind, then I step into my humble studio.”

When do you create?
”All the time! There is no definitive day or time, there is the moment, that moment where the work is born, where the image becomes ’forever’.”

Why do you create?
”For love. Towards art, towards myself, towards all past situations, emotions, joys and / or pains. I create because I need to live! And only thanks to the colors I am alive!” ■

Ciro Marra: Erotica
June 27 – July 3 2022
Open daily 12 – 6 PM
Paja&Bureau, Korkeavuorenkatu 7 (courtyard), Helsinki

A little opening party with hot DJ music & cold drinks & warm hearts: Jun 27 2022 6PM–>


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