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Isabella Chydenius: LOCK IN  

LOCK IN is a cross-disciplinary art piece by Finnish painter and installation artist Isabella Chydenius. It will be live-streamed 24/7 on the screen above for the duration of the week long performance.


1 day ago


Blast from the past!LOVED Helsinki has come to an end after an exciting run. :-)
Our fellow travellers in this were Janne, Lars and Sirje at Creat who have crafted a space for the creative community that is welcoming and fresh, and we thank them for their generosity and assistance.
Alvar and Dimitry of Tallinn Bearty make the world a better place, so saying thanks to them isn't enough.
We salute Bear With Us Helsinki and thank the Finnish Institute for all their support.
Where next? Watch this space!
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3 days ago


Uutta James Blakea, !!!:ia, Khruangbinin Beck-remixiä, Future Islandsia ja vaikka mitä uutta Päivån Biisit -soittarilla. Be hip, tune in!

open.spotify.com/playlist/5c60fnaWMVz17I4R3m9Vyr?si=TSKw-BviQmKW9dZhTf8y2wJoka päivä uutta musiikkia. New music daily. www.paivanbiisit.com
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